Razer Ambilight

Razer Ambilight

Razer Ambilight – A background process that creates an ambilight effect for razer keyboards.


  • Maps your screen to your Razer mouse, keyboard and mousepad to create an „ambient effect“
  • „true“ Ambilight mode which expands your screen onto your Razer peripherals
  • You can change the saturation
  • You can change the update rate to reduce the cpu load
  • Settings can be found by right-clicking the program icon in your notification area on your task bar.


Download “Razer Ambilight” RazerAmbilightSetup2_3_0.msi – 1907-mal heruntergeladen – 8 MB


A Windows Smart Screen message may appear during installation. This tells you that my program is not signed by a certification authority recognized by Microsoft. Because these certifications cost a lot of money, which I cannot afford as a student, my program is therefore not signed.

Razer Synapse must be running for the software to work properly.


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