Developer: Nico Jeske
Price: Free
  • Tankalarm! Screenshot
  • Tankalarm! Screenshot
  • Tankalarm! Screenshot
  • Tankalarm! Screenshot
Flag of Germany

Avaiable in Germany

This app is only avaiable for the german market.

See prices

See the prices for every gas station in your area.

Locate gas stations

Easily locate gas stations together with their prices on a map.

Get notified

Set an price treshold and get automatically notified if a gas station near you goes under that treshold.

Tankalarm is an app available in Germany that is designed to make refueling easier. It often happens that you have to refuel and therefore you need to get information about the current fuel prices. However, there are actually better things to do than looking up which petrol station is cheapest at the moment in a tank app.

For this reason I have developed the app Tankalarm. Tankalarm allows the user to set a certain price at which one is willing to refuel. The app then checks the prices of fuel at nearby petrol stations at an interval determined by the user. If a petrol station is below the limit set by the user, Tankalarm alerts the user with a notification. So that the user can always fill up cheaply.

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